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Avigail Bercovici

Lectures, Workshops & Group Facilitation. 


Avigail Bercovici, M.B.A., Lecturer and Group Facilitator,

specifying in cultures and interpersonal skills, has extensive experience working with a broad range of individuals and groups in Hebrew, English and French. 

She draws on her professional and personal knowledge in the areas ofenrichment and group leadership, for example with working teams, new immigrants, foreign visitors, the elderly, women groups, etc.  In her past, Avigail has held numerous senior management roles as a marketing professional.


Fascinating lectures, focusing on cultures. 

The lectures are enriching, enjoyable and, in addition, are giving a fresh inspiring perspective of ourselves and of our culture.

Each lecture is accompanied by a picture presentation.


The workshops, dynamic and interactive, use diverse tools to create an enhanced experience for the participants and allow them to gain deeper understanding and relevant tools. Tools employed include: role-playing, video clips, flash cards, associative games, behavioural questionnaires, etc.

Participants are encouraged to investigate new and alternative approaches to understanding group and individual behaviour and how to apply these to everyday experiences. 

Each workshop is tailored to the needs and specific characteristics of the participants.


Avigail gives enriching lectures, revealing other cultures, followed by customized empowerment workshops, focused on the insights inspired by the other culture dealt with in the lecture, and the specific needs of her clients.  

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